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Weekly Linux talk show with no script, no limits, surprise guests and tons of opinion.

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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

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  • 567: So Long sudo

    June 16th, 2024  |  1 hr 31 mins
    256, arm, beelink, berlin meetup, berlin with brent, bitfocus companion, cgroups, doas, father's day, homed-managed, importctl, iotas, ipod, jupiter broadcasting, lenovo thinkpad x13s, liblzma, linux arm, linux podcast, linux unplugged, nextcloud conference, nextcloud notes, nix drinking game, nix-darwin, nix-direnv, norwich meetup, ntp challenge, omakub, portable service, qualcomm, rockbox os, run0, snapdragon, spokane meetup, squid, ssh, sudo, suid, system v, systemd, systemd sleep, systemd-nspawn, systemd-run0, systemd-vmspawn, systemd-vpick, the tragedy of systemd, ubuntu, v2⁸, xscreensaver for android, xz

    Your Linux box is a-changin'. systemd has a huge new release; we'll get into the most impressive features, including the new sudo replacement. Plus, our thoughts on the new Linux Arm laptops that are just around the corner.

  • 566: Chef's Choice Ubuntu

    June 9th, 2024  |  1 hr 32 mins
    .net, 37signals, alacritty, apple, babylon 5, backups, backwoods setup, bash, chef's choice, configuration, customizability, david heinemeier hansson, deb packages, desktop stability, desktop themes, dev workstation, developer environment, developer setup, devenv, dhh, docker, dotfiles, extensibility, flameshot, flatpak, fully kiosk browser, gnome, jellyfin media player, jupiter broadcasting, keyboard-first workflow, kopia, kthresher, lazydocker, lazyvim, linux mistakes, linux podcast, linux unplugged, linux workstation bootstrapping, linux's slow burn, lts, macos, mate, mise, multiplex, neovim, nix, nix drinking game, nixos, notch, omakase, omakase spirit, omakub, opinionated setup, overlay network, pop!_os, ppa, setup script, shareplay, squid proxy, syncplay, tactile extension, tokyo night, torrents, ubuntu, ubuntu 24.04, ulauncher, vscode, watch party, watch together, webrtc, weron, window tiling, windows, wsl, xournal++, zellij

    We try Omakub, a new opinionated Ubuntu desktop for power users and macOS expats.

  • 565: Mistakes That Made Us Love Linux

    June 2nd, 2024  |  1 hr 23 mins
    ai clippy, ai strategy tax, beelink, beginner mistakes, dd, debian, delfin, dependency hell, distrohopping, dotfiles, everyone makes mistakes, frank karlitschek, gnome 3, gobolinux, grub, jupiter broadcasting, kate, linux don'ts, linux install mistakes, linux mistakes, linux podcast, linux refuge, linux unplugged, live-usb, microsoft, nextcloud, nine-fives, nixos, nvidia, oom killer, podverse, ssh updates, sudo rm -rf, ubuntu, windows 8 moment, zram, 🤦

    The facepalm moments that make us question our sanity—and swear off sudo for a week.

  • 564: The Goldilocks Build

    May 26th, 2024  |  1 hr 5 mins
    beelink, beelink amd ryzen 7 5700u, declarative pc, example nix config, fedora atomic, gridplayer, jupiter broadcasting, kate, kde, krunner, linux podcast, linux unplugged, mac studio, musnix, nh, nix, nix helper, nixcon, nixos, one simple rule, pinky's, plasma, polkit, reactionary, real-time audio, real-time kernel, realplayer, ryzen, scipy, self meetup, strategy tax, systemd devuan challenge, thinkpad, ublue aurora, vscode, wayland, windows copilot, windows xp

    We're following one simple rule to build a Linux desktop so stable it could outlive us.

  • 563: Nix's People Problem

    May 19th, 2024  |  1 hr 1 min
    anduril, community, constitutional assembly,, eelco dolstra, governance, jupiter broadcasting, linux podcast, linux unplugged, military sponsorship, moderation, nix, nixos, nixos foundation, open letter

    After months of debate, the Nix community might be coming to a resolution. We'll examine what happened, what's changing.

  • 562: Red Hat Knows How to Party

    May 12th, 2024  |  1 hr 14 mins
    ai, announcement links, berlin meetup report, block party, bootc, centos, expo hall, fedora, granite code model, ibm, image mode, instructlab, jupiter broadcasting, keynote, lab, large-scale alignment for chatbots, linux podcast, linux unplugged, lup phone, podman, red hat, red hat enterprise linux, rhel, summit

    Three revelations from Red Hat Summit. Our on-the-ground report will separate fact from hype.

  • 561: Folders as a Service

    May 5th, 2024  |  43 mins 22 secs
    1st linux box, airdrop alternative, ajax, arch server, arch update, audioserve, awesome-webservers, bbq, campus surplus, docker, files, folders as a service,, fun with files, homelab, http static server, jupiter broadcasting, lfnw, linux for windows, linux podcast, linux unplugged, linuxfest northwest, little server that could, live upgrade, localsend, maple syrup pour, neofetch, nix drama, nix flake, nixos, no auth required, photosynth, php, podman, production arch server, rolling distro, rust, self, slackware, southeast linuxfest, spaceballs boost, sputnik, tiny file manager, wes’ janky options, winmodem, yellow dog linux

    A few of our go-to tools for one-liner web servers, sharing media directly from folders, and a much needed live Arch server update, and more!

  • 560: Linux Festivus For the Rest of Us

    April 28th, 2024  |  1 hr 15 mins
    amd sev-snp, apparmor 4, bbq, bug bounty, compile-time bounds checking, festivus, for the rest of us, grok, intel shadow stack, intel tdx, jupiter broadcasting, kolide, linux, linux kernel v6.8, linux podcast, linux unplugged, linuxfest northwest 2024, llama3, llamafile 0.8, maintenance, ms-dos 4.0, security, systemd, tailscale, tls, ubuntu 24.04 lts

    The first LinuxFest is back and better than ever. We share stories and friends from one of the best Linux gatherings of the year: LinuxFest Northwest.

  • 559: Linux is Bigger in Texas

    April 21st, 2024  |  1 hr 30 mins
    adam curry, atuin, bbq, boostagram ball, brent's ergonomic interest, buc-ees, carl george, delta rpm, docker, fedora 40, frank karlitschek, gentoo week, gl-inet, gnome, great a’tuin, home assistant, honeywell, iss, jovian nixos, jupiter broadcasting, jupiter extras, linux podcast, linux unplugged, logseq, longhorn cavern state park, mac mini m1, nixos, nixos gui editor, plasma, qubes on nixos, qubesos, scinary, self, shortwave, steam deck, system76, ted gould, tex shinobi keyboard, texas linuxfest, txlf, v4v, wireshark

    We're back from Austin, with interviews and stories to share. Plus, it's Gentoo week and we take our first look at Fedora 40.

  • 558: Top 5 Essential Apps

    April 14th, 2024  |  53 mins 21 secs
    alessandro astone, aqua voice, bcachefs, beelink, berlin, bitwarden, brave, budgie, codium, dictation, doom emacs, duf, element, fd, fedora 42, fedora plasma workstation, firefox, fish, flakes, flathub, freetube, gnome, joshua strobl, jupiter broadcasting, keepassxc, linux 6.9, linux podcast, linux unplugged, logseq, marc deop i argemí, meetup, mentat, mentat nextcloud, mumble, nix-command, nix.settings.experimental-features, nixos, onlyoffice, password manager, pcloud, proton pass, qownnotes, remmina, ripgrep, signal, solus linux, spotify, steam, steve cossette, syncthing, tailscale, telegram, ticktick, topgrade, troy dawson

    We asked, and you answered: Your top 5 Linux app essentials and post-install rituals. Plus, some news to better cope with "extreme file-system damage."

  • 557: Crouching kexec, Hidden Linux

    April 7th, 2024  |  59 mins 17 secs
    btrfs, core rope memory, dns, encryption, floppy disk, hiddenvm, home assistant, homekit, jupiter broadcasting, kexec, lightning network, lightspark, linux podcast, linux unplugged, nixos, nostr, nvdimm, persistent memory, plausible deniability, pmem, ram disk, security, shufflecake, subvolumes, tails, truecrypt, veracrypt, virtualbox, xz

    We're building a completely hidden Linux OS inside an existing system—with no trace left behind.

  • 556: The xz Backdoor Exposed 🚨

    March 31st, 2024  |  1 hr 10 mins
    alpine, arch linux, backdoor, burnout, compression libraries, debian, fedora, gentoo, humint, jia tan, jupiter broadcasting, kali linux, linux podcast, linux unplugged, nixos, open source, openssh, opensuse, remote code execution, systemd, transparency, trust model, ubuntu, xz

    We're breaking down the attack: how it works, how it was hidden, and why time was running out for the attacker.

  • 555: Glide like a Goose, Honk like a Moose

    March 24th, 2024  |  1 hr 15 mins
    amd, animations, compositor, desktop flake, enhanced file operations, files search everywhere, fountain, gaming laptop, gnome 46, hyprland, jupiter broadcasting, kathmandu, linux gaming notebook, linux podcast, linux unplugged, nix community, nix flakes, nixcon na, nixos, nixos-mailserver, nostr protocol, podverse, rdp, remote desktop protocol, scale, sirius 16, sirius 16 gen1, stickers, stirling pdf, taskwarrior, texas linux fest, texas linux festival, tuxedo computers, ubuntu mate, vr on linux, wayland, windows in docker, windows vm

    We test the Linux-first, all-AMD Sirius 16 laptop, discuss the new Hyprland release, and share a few stories from our recent trip.

  • 554: SCaLEing Nix

    March 17th, 2024  |  1 hr 29 mins
    ai, alaska, california, castamatic, community, daphne muller, dconf, determinate systems, docker, eelco dolstra, flox, fossnorth, fountain, germany, gnome, gsettings, hydra, jim klark, jos poortvliet, lanzaboote, martin wimpress, ml, nextcloud, nix, nix-starter-configs, nixcon, nixcon na, nixos, nixos desktop, nixpkgs, nostr, podcast addict, podcast guru, podverse, ross turk, ryan lahfa, scale, scale 21x, secure boot, self-hosted ai, southern california linux expo, tom bereknyei, ubucon, wimpy, yuba city, zach mitchell

    We're on the ground live at NixCon and SCaLE. We catch up with old friends, and discover how Nix is devouring the Linux world one function at a time.

  • 553: Portably Predictable Productivity

    March 10th, 2024  |  1 hr 21 mins
    android auto, anytype, arkos, audio infrastructure, borg backups, document scanner apps,, game emulator, genius scan, glove80 ergonomic keyboard, grapheneos, helipad, jupiter broadcasting, linux podcast, linux unplugged, local ai models, local-first note app, nix package manager nvidia shield portable, nix-bitcoin, nixbsd, nixcon, owntracks, paperless-ngx, podcasting 2.0, retro handheld game console, super-productivity, todo app, upscayl image upscaler

    We each bring surprise topics, a mix of hardware and software, as we prepare to hit the road for NixCon and SCaLE.

  • 552: Plasma's Perfect Play

    March 3rd, 2024  |  1 hr 18 mins
    amd open-source drivers, antennapod, backups, bitcoin podcast, breeze theme, cissp certification, cpu controller, cpu-controller app, fingerprint unlock, floating panel, fountain, fountain radio, fuse passthrough, hdmi 2.1, hdr support, jupiter broadcasting, kde, keyboard ergonomics, kinesis freestyle pro keyboard, linux 6.9, linux podcast, linux unplugged, localgpt, lutris display configuration, nixcon, nixos unstable, nvk, overview effect, plasma 6, plasma search, qt 6, rsnapshot, ryzenadj, scale, single-click file open, sirius 16, split keyboard, starcoder2 local ai, touchpad gestures, trayscale, tuxedo computers, vertical mouse, vulkan 1.3, wayland

    Plasma 6 is out, and we've been giving it a go. What's new, our thoughts, and the lessons other desktops should learn.