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Weekly Linux talk show with no script, no limits, surprise guests and tons of opinion.

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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

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  • 538: Surprisingly Smooth Transition

    November 26th, 2023  |  1 hr 6 mins
    32-bit challenge, api compatibility, btrfs snapshots, debian, distrobox, duplicati, el presidente, flatpak, flox, helvum, irq-based alsa driver, jack, jackdbus, jupiter broadcasting, ladder, linux audio, linux podcast, linux unplugged, low-latency, lts, nasa protocols, nix community, nix configs, nix contributors, nix documentation team, nixcon north america, patchbay, pipewire 1.0, proprietary networks, pulseaudio, redundant hardware, scale, southern california linux expo, space station, spirallinux, syncthing, wayland, whisper, wim taymans, zach mitchell

    PipeWire hits 1.0, and Wim Taymans joins us to reflect on the smooth success of PipeWire. Plus the details on the first NixCon North America, and more.

  • 537: This Makes Us Unemployable

    November 19th, 2023  |  1 hr 8 mins
    32-bit challenge, arch linux, arch server update, arch update, backtrack linux, bbs, centos, chezmoi, cla, clonezilla, containers, debian, docker, dotfile management, flathub, flatpaks, flatseal, ham radio, jupiter broadcasting, kali, kali linux, linus' law, linux boosts, linux habits, linux kernel, linux podcast, linux scheduler, linux server, linux unplugged, lts, nixos, open source firmware, plasma power-ups, qemu, rockbox project, rolling release, security, snaps, snapshots, software bugs, texas linux fest 2024, virtualization, wayland, x11

    Can we save an old Arch install? We'll attempt a live rescue, then get into our tips for keeping your old Linux install running great.

  • 536: Plasma Power-Ups

    November 12th, 2023  |  1 hr 7 mins
    accessibility, amazon, android, app shortcuts, boosts, breeze, el salvador, fire tvs, gnome, hardware support, hdr games, jupiter broadcasting, kde 6, kde plasma activities, key bindings, krunner, lightning conference, linux podcast, linux unplugged, linux-based os, megarelease, mesh vpn, mumble room, nixos, open source, plasma 6.0, power management, qt 6.6, react native, tailscale, tuxies, vega, virtual desktops, wayland, webos, weekly linux talk, wireguard

    The problem with GNOME's great news, plus our first look at Plasma 6. Then, the surprising place NixOS is getting adopted.

  • 535: Hit the Turbo

    November 9th, 2023  |  1 hr 50 mins
    agpl, azure, bitcoin-dev mailing list, cachestat, cla, colima, containers, docker, docker desktop, duplicati, element, fedora 39, fedora 40, fedora appreciation week 2023, fedora onyx immutable, fido2, gentoo, gnome 45 features, iss, jupiter broadcasting, kde plasma 6.0 approved, lima, linux 6.5, linux in space, linux podcast, linux unplugged, matrix, midi 2.0, milkdrop, modularity, move_mount_beneath, music visualization, podman, podman desktop, projectm, synapse, syncthing, usb4, virtualization, vyos

    A special guest joins us, and we each give Fedora 39 a try. What’s new, what we liked, and what didn’t make the cut!

  • 534: We Nixed Proxmox

    October 29th, 2023  |  1 hr 8 mins
    32-bit challenge, bcachefs, bitcoin beach, btrfs, cinnamon, debian, ext4, fedora, fedora 39, fountain, homeassistant, immich, ipfs, jupiter broadcasting, kernel, kmon, kvm, linux 6.6, linux kernel manager, linux mint, linux podcast, linux unplugged, linuxfest northwest, lxc, nextcloud, nextcloud aio, nix, nixos, phoronix, podverse, proxmox, rust, rust-analyzer, selinux,, tuxies, virtualization, vm, wayland, wyze, xfs, zfs

    We did Proxmox dirty last week, so we try to explain our thinking. But first, a few things have gone down that you should know about.

  • 533: LinuxFest North Jeff

    October 22nd, 2023  |  1 hr 55 mins
    1-up lounge, almalinux, dotmatrix, esp, florian, freeipa, games, gorilla banana, jupes o-droid, jupiter broadcasting, lfnw, linux podcast, linux unplugged, linuxfest northwest, mini-fest, nixos, notes pc, online linux vector editor, paper, paper prices, pikvm, pinball, proxmox, relays, rv automation upgrades,, stones throw brewery, the little fest that could, vectorpea, void

    We try and pull off one too many projects, but you can't argue with the results. We report on our week of rebuilds and rescues and having a blast at LinuxFest Northwest.

  • 532: We Like Snaps Now

    October 15th, 2023  |  1 hr 15 mins
    1l pc, amd ryzen, app center, cad, chocolately, debian, docker desktop, enterprise desktop, enterprise linux, ext4, fde, firefox, flutter, fountain 1.0, full disk encryption, gnome 45, intel arc, jellyfin, jupiter broadcasting, legacy installer, linux 6.5, linux desktop, linux podcast, linux unplugged, log viewer, mantic minotaur, mozilla, nixos, no corporation november, noto fonts, ntfs, one liter pc, pipewire, plex, podman, quick settings, raspberry pi 5, security, snapcraft, snapd, tags, take my brent away, text tagger, tiling, tiling desktop, tpm, translations, ubuntu 23.10, ubuntu budgie, ubuntu core, ubuntu iso, wayland, wifi 7, windows challenge, wsl, wyse terminal, zfs

    Has Canonical finally nailed snaps? Why it looks like Ubuntu has turned a new corner; our thoughts on the latest release. Plus, a special guest and more.

  • 531: The Windows Challenge

    October 8th, 2023  |  1 hr 37 mins
    android apps, app ratings, app store, beelink, chocolatey, containers, dell optiplex, docker containers, docker desktop, gorilla/banana gx-100, hardware terminal, hp color laserjet, hp prodesk, installer ui, jellyfin, jupiter broadcasting, linux boxes, linux podcast, linux unplugged, micro form factor pcs, microsoft web app store, mini pc, pi5, r-podcast, rs-232, serial console, terminal resources, tiling, ubuntu on windows, ventoy, vorta backups, windows 11, windows challange, windows package manager, windows subsystem for linux, winget, wsl, x86 servers, xps 13

    We ran Windows for the week with three seemingly simple objectives. How we did, our take on what's gotten a lot better about Windows, and what still needs some work.

  • 530: Leave the Pi in the Oven

    October 1st, 2023  |  1 hr 8 mins
    active cooling, adopting bitcoin, arm cortex-a76, atari vcs, bcm2712, beakon, beelink ser5 max, beelink ser7, beelink u59 mini pc, bitcoin oss track, ddr3, emmc, esp32 board, esp32-s3 module, gpio header, h.265, h264 hardware decoding, hat, hp prodesk 600 g1 desktop mini pc, imessage bridging, intel nuc mini pcs, jupiter broadcasting, lfnw meetups, linux podcast, linux unplugged, mipi transceivers, nvme ssds, odroid-h3, opensuse, owntracks recorder, pcie 2.0, raspberry pi 4, raspberry pi 5, real-time clock, sata ssd, t-eth-lite, vp9, wallabag, waycheck, wayland, x11, xeyes, xwayland

    Why the Raspberry Pi 5 doesn't meet our expectations, and the x86 boxes you should consider instead.

  • 529: Changing the Game

    September 24th, 2023  |  1 hr 12 mins
    alberto garcia, alpine linux, amd, arch, arch linux, battery life, collabora, convergence, dead space, docking station, emudeck, emulators, flatpak, foss, fps, game console, gaming, gaming on linux, garage pc, gta, igalia, imessage, jupiter broadcasting, lfnw, linux gaming, linux podcast, linux unplugged, matrix bridge, mesa, nextcloud, nixos, open source, opengl, ori and the blind forest, plasma desktop, proton, retrodeck, steam, steam deck, steam deck review, steamos, stray, thinkpad, upstream development, usb-c, valve, vulkan, wine, xdg portals

    Even if you don't game, the data is in, and the impact of the Steam Deck on Linux is massive. We'll go into details and then share our long-term review of the Deck.

  • 528: Where's Your Data?

    September 17th, 2023  |  1 hr 8 mins
    ai assistant, ask noah, beeper, cli, communities, data sovereignty, databases, datacenter, decentralized, decentralized collaboration, dell, dendrite, dynamic ip, element, element x, federation, file manager, garage computer, gdpr, grafana, healthy meeting culture, homeserver, hub 6, jupiter broadcasting, linuxfest northwest, matrix, matrix bridge, matrix community summit, nextcloud, noah chelliah, nsa, podverse, postgresql, postponed, privacy, rust, security, self-hosted collaboration, self-hosting, sliding sync, spinning rust, steam deck, sustainability, synapse, syncv3, terminal, thinkpad, yazi

    Today's theme is data sovereignty, and we'll check in with two crucial projects that are giving you more options.

  • 527: Framing Brent

    September 10th, 2023  |  1 hr 14 mins
    android, arm, bcachefs, berlin, boot-to-obsidian, box64, canonical, cinnamon, cuda, devone, emulation, f-droid, flakes, framework, framework 13, framework laptop, germany, gpl condom, hp devone, jupiter broadcasting, kent overstreet, kinoite, laptops, lenovo, lfnw, lightning, linus, linux podcast, linux unplugged, meetup, mesh networking, neo-store, new laptop, nextcloud, nix flakes, nixos, notes station, nvidia, obtainium, odroid, plasma, pxe boot, right to repair, risc-v, self-hosting, silverblue, steam deck, sway, the blog index, thin client, thinkpad, ublue, ubuntu desktop, value4value, wayland, zap, zerotier, 🦒

    Brent's new Framework laptop has been torn apart and put back together again. We'll find out if it's up to his standards. Plus, we're kicking off a new build.

  • 526: Canonical Wins by Default

    September 3rd, 2023  |  49 mins 20 secs
    alp, amd, amdgpu, canonical, christoph hellwig, chromium, copyleft, copyright, dmca, drm, export_symbol_gpl, fedora, framework, framework laptop, gpl, gpl condom, graphics drivers, i915, intel, jupiter broadcasting, kernel driver, kernel modules, leap, linux 6.6, linux desktop, linux desktop investment, linux podcast, linux unplugged, lts, luis chamberlain, nouveau, nvidia, oliver smith, opensuse, red hat, rhel, snap packages, snapcraft, suse, taint_proprietary_module, ubuntu 23.10, ubuntu 24.04, ubuntu core, ubuntu desktop, v4v music, value4value music, voip, wavlake, zfs

    While chaos is brewing in SUSE and Red Hat land, Canonical stays the course and doubles down on the Linux desktop. Plus, our thoughts on the kernel team GPL-blocking NVIDIA.

  • 525: Beating Apple to the Sauce

    August 27th, 2023  |  1 hr 12 mins
    16k kernel, 16k pages, ai, alyssa rosenzweig, apple, apple silicon, arch arm, arm, arm64, asahi linux, battery life, btrfs, chatgpt, conformant gpu driver, data center, data loss, davide calvalca, disk encryption, dual booting, fedora, fedora asahi remix, filesystem, gallium3d, gpu, gpu acceleration, hector martin, hpc, immutability, impermanence, jbod, jitsi meet, jupiter broadcasting, kde, kde connect, linux podcast, linux unplugged, llama 2, llama-gpt, llama.cpp, llm, luks, lvm, m1, m2, mac mini, macos, mattermost, meta, ml, neal gompa, nixos, oneplus 6, open source ai, openai, opengl es 3.1, openstreetmap, opensuse tumbleweed, organic maps, plasma, rdp, self-hosting, server temperature, sip, snapdragon 845, streetcomplete, telemetry, thunderbolt, uefi, umbrel, vnc, voip, xfs, xfs_repair, zfs, 🦙

    We daily drive Asahi Linux on a MacBook, chat about how the team beat Apple to a major GPU milestone, and an easy way to self-host open-source ChatGPT alternatives.

  • 524: How Our Server Got It's Groove Back

    August 20th, 2023  |  1 hr 6 mins
    android auto, backups, best laptops for nixos, bootload, btrfs, disko, email privacy tip, github star history, grub, hedgedoc, homelab machine, iac, immutable infrastructure, impermanence, indestructible server, infrastructure as code, iron goat brewing, jupiter broadcasting, linode, linux podcast, linux unplugged, linuxfest northwest, lvm, meetup, mesh vpn, mobile nixos, nix, nix flakes, nixos friendly hosters, nixos on vps, nixos server, nixos wiki, nixos-anywhere, podverse bounty, project cycle, rollback, security, snapshots, stratis, systemd, tmpfs, wireguard, zfs

    Can we build an indestructible server that stands up to the test of giving out root login to the Internet?

  • 523: Ride the Rhino

    August 13th, 2023  |  1 hr 10 mins
    apt, arch, aur-like package manager, data privacy, deb packages, dpkg, duckduckgo, fastmail, fingerprinting, flatpak, git packages, gnome, instability, jupiter broadcasting, kde plasma, linux podcast, linux unplugged, nextdns, opensuse tumbleweed, pacstall, pi-hole, podverse, privacy, privacy tools, protonvpn, rhino linux, rhino-pkg, rolling release, search engines, snap, ubuntu, ubuntu devel, unicorn desktop, xfce, 🦄, 🦏

    We're trying out Rhino Linux—a unique take on rolling Ubuntu with AUR-like powers and other surprises.