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32-Bit Challenge

The Challenge Parameters

Can you live and work for a week on a 32-bit system? That's the challenge. It might seem simple, but we think you'll be surprised. Let's find out if the world has moved on from 32-bit systems or if they can still be saved from the landfills.

  • Build a Functional 32-bit system

    • Get your General Desktop workflow working.
      • Keep track of apps you have to swap out.
      • Keep track of system resources
      • Keep track of any tricks/apps/tools/etc you use to make this work for you.
      • Hardware Upgrades allowed
    • OS swaps are permitted, but you must be able to work/play/use fully.
      • SSDs allowed
  • You must use this system for one work week before the challenge wraps.

    • IE 5 straight days living/working/playing on a 32-bit system.
    • Not just sitting in the background online, but using the system for five days.

Tell us How it's Going!

  • Boost in with updates so we all can follow along.
  • Join our 32-Bit challenge chatroom and suffer in realtime with the rest of us.

Bail Out Punishment

If you can't stick with a 32-bit system, you can bail... But there is a punishment.

Examples: Can't get work apps working, hardware failure, etc.

  • FreeBSD Desktop VM for the remainder of the challenge.
    • You agree to install a BSD desktop VM and live inside that for the remainder of the challenge.
      • On hardware of your choice.

Challenge Wrap Date

  • January 7th, 2024.

  • Must have banked five consecutive days using the 32-bit system

    • Our first live episode after the holidays.
    • Boost in and tell us how it went!
    • Or join us in the Mumble room/Matrix chat during our live stream on the 7th, and tell us how it went.

That's it! Nice and simple.