Episode 565

Mistakes That Made Us Love Linux


June 2nd, 2024

1 hr 23 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

The facepalm moments that make us question our sanity—and swear off sudo for a week.

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  • 📻 LINUX Unplugged on Fountain.FM
  • Linux May Be the Best Way to Avoid the AI Nightmare — What if you care about AI's environmental impact, privacy holes, and the ethical problems of training on data without the creators' permission? The answer might be to switch to Linux. Yes, Linux.
  • Kate Asks about Mistakes to Avoid — Hey boys-Microsoft has officially gone off the deep end with this AI stuff. I'm pretty sure AI Clippy is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Any tips for escaping to Linux before I get assimilated? What are the big "don'ts" for a newbie?
  • Jeremy Molina on X — sudo rm -rf ./ on the root directory 😓
  • Lee Ball on X — I thought I was in a backup directory when I did an rm -rf but turned out I'd forgotten the ./ and just went into /var/lib/mysql and not the backup of said directory.
  • ChaoticHuman on X — I think my most major beginner mistake once was something like "sudo chown useraccount /" because I wanted to not have to deal with file-ownership-conflicts though I no longer remember what exactly I did. I only remember that it led to completely destroying my Linux-system.
  • Ken Starks on X — What are all these files with a dot before them. They aren't programs. Might as well delete them.
  • PDunn on X — Using fringe distos and too much distrohopping causing loss of time and not being productive. Linux can be a time sink I don't have time for. So I installed Ubuntu and moved on. I just use what works and is easy to maintain. Unplugged contributor here.
  • Membership Summer Discount — Take $1 a month of your membership for a lifetime!
  • Chris' Beelink Nix Config
  • Nix from First Principles: Flake Edition — This guide is a beginner's guide to Nix and related tooling, focusing on the newer nix command, and flake.nix compared to older tools like nix-env and default.nix. It does not require any prior Nix knowledge, and instead builds up the Flake based world from first principles, so that it can serve as an introduction to Nix itself, as well as the concept and uses of Flakes.
  • Pick: Delfin — Delfin is a native client for the Jellyfin media server. It features a fast and clean interface to stream your media in an embedded MPV-based video player.
  • Delfin on Flathub
  • Delfin repo
  • Delfin nix package
  • A fireside chat with Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek - Nextcloud — Part of this talk was on LUP, now you can hear the full thing.