About this Episode

We're reminded that you can't judge a distro by its screenshots. We use Pop!_OS for a few weeks and share our embarrassing discovery.

Plus our thoughts on the new Plasma release, a super handy pick, and more.

0:00 Pre-Show
0:44 Intro
0:50 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru
2:39 Plasma 5.20
7:50 Kernel 5.9
8:05 VMware Flirts with Arm
15:28 SPONSOR: Linode
18:54 Big News for Nebula
22:10 Code-Shaming the Kernel
27:40 Housekeeping
29:31 Pop!_OS Exit Interview
31:44 Pop!_OS Full-Time Staff
34:49 Pop!_OS: The Last Ten Percent
37:46 Pop!_OS: A Very Unique Distribution
43:13 Pop!_OS: Driving Hardware Sales
47:40 Pop!_OS: Strengthening the System76 Brand
49:51 Manjaro Arm 20.10 Released
50:48 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru
51:48 Feedback: TLP Magic
53:23 Feedback: Chromebooks and Education
56:16 Pick: Autotier
59:09 Pick: Antennapod 2.0.1
1:00:30 SPONSOR: Core Contributors
1:01:10 Outro
1:03:18 Post-Show

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