Episode 521

Rethinking GNOME


July 30th, 2023

1 hr 13 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

Two important news stories, plus our thoughts on GNOME’s new windowing proposal and the Framework 16.

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  • The Framework Laptop 16 DIY AMD 7040
  • Nextcloud Conference 2023 — Annually bringing the global Nextcloud Contributor Community together for a week of coding, design, discussion, talks & fun!
  • Berlin with Brent, Fri Sep 8, 2023 | Meetup.com — Brent will be back in Berlin for the Nextcloud Conference and can't get enough of Berlin Meetups!
  • Alex will be in Chicago August 10th!
  • PayPal Shut Down GrapheneOS Foundation’s Account Used For Donations
  • GrapheneOS on Twitter — Unfortunately, PayPal permanently locked our GrapheneOS Foundation account today. No reason has been provided for the account being locked. All we've done is accept donations. We added our bank account information yesterday in order to begin withdrawing money and it was locked.
  • GrapheneOS on Twitter — PayPal has restored our non-profit GrapheneOS Foundation account. We should be able to withdraw all donations made through it in the past few weeks. We received no info on why our account was permanently banned with funds held for 180 days or why they now restored our account.
  • GrapheneOS on Twitter — We use Bitcoin as the main way we transfer funds internally, including using it to pay most of our project members. It doesn't replace having bank accounts to pay other expenses or accepting donations in other ways.
  • Ansible Creator Wants to Build a New Automation Platform in Rust — Ansible's creator Michael DeHaan thinks there is still plenty of room to make more tools that would add to the existing automation ecosystem. Especially, when infrastructure automation solutions like Chef and Puppet were acquired.
  • A New IT Automation Project? — Moving Beyond Ansible And Keeping The Spirit
  • Welcome to JetPorch — Jet's goal is to be an community-driven enterprise automation and orchestration platform for the modern era.
  • jetporch/example_content: example content for learning, exploration, and testing
  • Jetporch: Next generation IT orchestration — Jetporch is a next-generation IT orchestration platform aiming to handle modern enterprise workloads at a planetary scale.
  • Rethinking Window Management — We’ve wanted more powerful tiling for years, but there has not been much progress due to the huge amount of work involved on the technical side and the lack of a clear design direction we were happy with. We now finally feel like the design is at a stage where we can take concrete next steps towards making it happen, which is very exciting!
  • Open Podcast API — The Open Podcast API is an initiative aiming to provide a feature-complete synchronisation API specification for podcast (web) apps and user-focussed servers.
  • OpenPodcastAPI Meeting Notes
  • HamWAN — HamWAN is a non-profit organization (501c3) developing best practices for high speed amateur radio data networks. HamWAN also runs the Puget Sound Data Ring, which is a real-world network implementation of the proposed designs.
  • SUSE Liberty Linux — SUSE Liberty Linux is a technology and support solution that will secure your Linux future without fear of vendor lock-in. With SUSE Liberty Linux, you get trusted support and optional proven management tools that are optimized for mixed Linux environments, including Red Hat ® Enterprise Linux ®, CentOS, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • anytype.io — the everything app for those who celebrate trust & autonomy
  • bfs 3.0: the fastest find yet! — bfs is a tool I wrote to do breadth-first search through a filesystem. It started out simply enough, but over the years it's grown to include almost every feature from every other find implementation I could find, plus many of its own innovations.