Episode 290

Proper Pi Pedigree


February 26th, 2019

58 mins 46 secs

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We head to the Raspberry Pi corner and pick the very best open source home automation system.

Plus some great news for Gnome users, OBS studio has a new funding model, and a nostalgic chat with our study buddy Kenny.

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Episode Links

  • More GNOME Shell / Mutter Performance Optimizations & Latency Reductions Still Coming - Phoronix — Specifically on the Ubuntu front, Daniel has released a fix for Ubuntu 19.04 Disco and Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic to deal with 144/120Hz displays where GNOME's Mutter caps the rendering to 60 FPS. The fix for Ubuntu 18.10 is still being in the process of SRU'ed.
  • OBS Studio 23.0 Released With VA-API Video Encoding, New Audio Filters - Phoronix — OBS Studio 23.0 also has several new audio filters, batch remuxing support, multi-track audio support to FFmpeg output, and a variety of other alterations.
  • Open Broadcaster Software | New Ways to Support OBS Development — It’s amazing to think that the first version of OBS was publicly released over six years ago. What started out as a small side project by Hugh “Jim” Bailey to make a free and open source program to stream StarCraft 2 has grown into a powerful force in the streaming and video production industry. Hundreds of thousands of people use OBS Studio every day not just for video gaming, but also for broadcasting everything from conferences to sports competitions to school announcements. It’s a tool that can be used freely by anyone, from large studios with big budget productions to individuals who just want to engage with a community online.
  • Available Now: New GeForce-Optimized OBS — We have collaborated with OBS, the industry-leading streaming application, to help them release a new version with improved support for NVIDIA GPUs. The new OBS Studio, version 23.0, reduces the FPS impact of streaming by up to 66% compared to the previous version, meaning higher FPS for your games.
  • Jupiter Broadcasting Meetup
  • What’s Free at Linux Academy — March 2019 - Linux Academy Blog — Each month, we will kick off our community content with a live study group, allowing members of the Linux Academy community to come together and share their insights in order to learn from one another.
  • LiNUX Courses - Linux Operating System Fundamentals — Kenny first encountered Solaris UNIX while I was in the military, and found out about Linux through the grapevine. He has worked with Linux in local government, fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and by providing training. I have received Linux certifications from LPI, CompTIA, and Red Hat. Kenny has been working with Linux for nearly two decades and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others about the system, and strives to learn more about the operating system every day.
  • Raspberry Pi Updates Devices to Linux 4.19
  • Martin Wimpress on Twitter — This week I am working on @ubuntu_mate 18.04.2 images for the @Raspberry_Pi models 2 and 3/3+ Nothing exciting to report just yet, build system is configured and the root file system is being generated. Next up is adding the kernel and boot loader.
  • Python Wheels for the Raspberry Pi — piwheels is a Python package repository providing Arm platform wheels (pre-compiled binary Python packages) specifically for the Raspberry Pi, making pip installations much faster.
  • StableReleaseUpdates - Ubuntu Wiki — Once an Ubuntu release has been completed and published, updates for it are only released under certain circumstances, and must follow a special procedure called a "stable release update" or SRU.
  • OpenHab vs Home Assistant vs Domoticz - Best Open Source Home Automation
  • Awesome Home Assistant — Awesome Home Assistant is a curated list of awesome Home Assistant resources.
  • Home Assistant — Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server.
  • openHAB — a vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home.
  • Domoticz — Domoticz is a Home Automation system design to control various devices and receive input from various sensors.
  • IronicBadger: Home Assistant configuration files — This repository contains all configuration used to configure my home automation setup using Home Assistant. This is a living and breathing repository and as such is subject to change.
  • Linux Action Show special about Home Assistant — Our founder Paulus Schoutsen is interviewed by Chris Fisher for a Linux Action Show special about home automation, Hass.io and the new Home Assistant podcast.
  • smacke/subsync: Automagically synchronize subtitles with video.
  • Podcast Generator — Podcast Generator is an open source Content Management System written in PHP and specifically designed for podcast publishing. It provides the user with the tools to easily manage all of the aspects related to the publication of a podcast, from the upload of episodes to its submission to the iTunes store.