Episode 373

Your New Tools


September 29th, 2020

1 hr 5 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

We embrace new tools to upgrade your backup game, securely move files around the network, and debunk the idea that Windows will ever be based on Linux.

0:00 Pre-Show
0:29 Intro
0:46 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru
2:31 LVFS Hits 20 Million Downloads
4:10 Dell Precision 5750 Review Unit Coming Soon
6:27 LVFS Continued
7:29 Xen Hypervisor is Porting to Raspberry Pi 4
12:09 New Dell XPS 13 Developer Editions
14:56 Lenovo Expands its Linux-Loaded Selection
16:48 SPONSOR: Linode
19:31 WSL to Support GUI Apps
24:09 Will Microsoft Switch to Linux?
33:18 Fedora 33 Beta is Live
35:13 Housekeeping
36:13 Exploring Send and Receive
38:06 Send and Receive: Backups
39:37 Send and Receive: Setting Up the Volumes
41:00 Send and Receive: Rsync Comparison
43:40 Send and Receive: Data Retention Tests
48:10 Send and Receive: Comparing Performance
50:09 Send and Receive: Right Tool for the Job
55:29 Send and Receive: Rivaling NTFS and APFS
57:39 Feedback: Todo Apps
1:01:33 SPONSOR: Unplugged Core Contributors
1:02:30 Outro
1:04:17 Post-Show

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