About this Episode

What would it really take to get you to switch Linux distributions? We debate the practical reasons more and more people are sticking with the big three.

Plus Carl from System76 stops by to surprise us with some firmware news.

0:00 Pre-Show
2:22 Intro
2:36 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru
4:24 USB Booting the Pi 4
10:10 System76 Open Firmware Update
23:14 SPONSOR: Linode
25:28 OpenPOWER Summit 2020
29:23 EndeavourOS ARM
30:14 Housekeeping
30:53 SPONSOR: Unplugged Core Contributors
32:59 It's Really Just a Three Distro World
46:37 Feedback: systemd Skepticism
50:50 Feedback: EmacsConf2020
51:40 Picks
52:12 Pick: Cloud Hypervisor
53:51 Pick: SongRec
54:45 Pick: tmpmail
55:55 Pick: MyPaas
57:16 Outro
59:11 Post-Show

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